Storage Ideas

I’ve really been motivated to get and keep my house cleaner in the last year.  It’s saved me more times than I could count to have a backup set of keys, a place for scarves and that extra lid I thought I should toss.  Here are a few of my techniques:

This is my basket o winter goodness.  Tucked right under the small dresser by my front door, it holds gloves, scarves, hats, umbrellas – everything I need to survive winter.  This is a lifesaver when I’m rushing late for work and walk outside to find my car is covered in ice.

Tissue boxes are pretty now! So when this one emptied I cut off the top and am using it for storage of those loose lids. I don’t put them away in the cabinet until the lid and bottom are matched but I’m perpetually behind on dish washing. Best part is this storage was free so when it gets dirty or wet or I get tired of it just toss into the recycling!

This old white pitcher is too small to keep any real serious amount of liquid so I use it to dry my scrub brushes.  The garden window here is one of my favorite features about this house. Small metal pails are great for flowers in the summer and I can water all the plants with the kitchen spray hose.

Until I finish refurbishing the new china cabinet I’ve been keeping my china in this glass door stacking bookshelf my Dad bought for me. I can’t wait to get it back in the business of holding books!

Don’t you think it’ll look great when my new cabinet is painted a fresh coat of white with a decorative backsplash?


2 thoughts on “Storage Ideas

  1. I think your cabinet will look great refurbished! What type of decorative backsplash?
    Your previous post shows you as a very tidy person. Wow! 🙂

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