Paper Clutter

Part 2 of my furlough day was spent going through papers. These papers:

I pulled them from my office and started working in the living room. Once again I set the timer for 15 minutes and sorted. Using little blue note cards I set up the categories on my kitchen table:

I also set up a trash can and recycling bag for things I didn’t need to keep and within 15 minutes the pile o papers was defeated! There is another big stack of papers to be filed and one for library paperwork but the rest got tossed or sorted here:

Not everything was done of course, CDs need to be burned to my iTunes library, maps need to be put away with my vacation packing and all those projects need to be completed.

So the timer was set for another 15 minutes and I:

*filed the paperwork

*made a list of files I need for 2010

*put away the CDs and maps

*stacked up empty notebooks and paper

*put project notes in my binders

I love binders so I am on a self-imposed ban at Staples, the office supply aisle at Wal-Mart and anywhere else pens, highlighters and stock paper reside.

My project binder got the sketches for my master bedroom redesign, the frugal art project I’m planning and the sketches for the dining room furniture shuffle that will take place once the china cabinet is finished.

Now that the office is clear of papers I can work on my next project: taming the cables, accessories and JUNK that comes with owning a few dozen electrical devices. Oy vey.

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