Furlough Week 3

It’s furlough Wednesday again and I’m nearly overwhelmed with how messy my house has become since… Saturday. Yes, I had someone over on Saturday and it was so nice in here. Now, not really. I do have a good amount of freelancing work to get done this afternoon but I will be seriously distracted by all the things around me that need to get done.

So a trick from the Flylady, 15 minutes on the timer with short breaks to track my progress.

10:27 put the dogs outside and find the timer

take off slippers and put on socks and shoes *this is important*

10:30 Living Room

*Put away all the little things that linger in the living room: chapstick, CDs, receipts, earphones, papers, magazines, etc.

*Put the couch cushions back and lay down a blanket since the little dog has been tinkling lately

*Recycled the boxes from the guest room

*Took out trash and put the cans on the curb for pickup

*Put away all the clean dishes

*folded towels and put them away

10:50 Kitchen

*washed dishes, well, half of them

*wiped down one of the counters and stove top

*poured myself some juice

And that’s all I really need for the house to be company ready – now if I can only keep it that way until Saturday!

I would really like to get through my office paperwork but first I’m going to take 15 minutes and work on my bedroom and putting away the clothes that tend to land on every surface.

11:30 Bedroom

*made the bed

*hung/folded clean clothes

*dirty clothes to the hamper

*straightened up shoes in the closet

*straightened up the bathroom

*moved vacation clothes to guest room for packing

*dusted the dresser and bookshelf

I find it’s a lot easier to clean now that I’ve decluttered so much of the junk I used to hold onto. Now I do enjoy cleaning and dusting because the things I kept are meaningful.

I’m taking a break for lunch and then I’ll be back with a plan to tackle the office. Which will probably take 3 or more 15 minute sessions!


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