Project Procrastination

I have the unfortunate habit of procrastinating on a project whether it be painting, furniture or a recipe.  I have no problem getting started but it’s getting finished that trips me up.

Tonight I’m relaxing in the guest room, enjoying a nice clean and organized and dare I say finished room? Although it was mostly finished when I posted here at the end of January.  The room is cheaply outfitted but I don’t think it looks cheap.

As I mentioned in the previous post the bed was a hand me down from my grandpa who is now 89 – this was his childhood bed.

The side table came from Goodwill, $8 at a half off sale.  The bright blue pendalent lamp and small white table lamp came from Ikea, I think they were $4 each.  The curtains were $12, the curtain rod $20.

I adore books. All kinds but I do have a soft spot for kid’s books because I hate the trash that’s printed for children nowadays. So I collect older books and aggregate them here.  The tall bookshelves were $100 and one was a gift. The smaller one was $60 I think, it’s been several years since I bought them.

Yes, that’s a light brite. $1 at the thrift store. Since someone usually asks, that’s Nancy Drew on the left side, Trixie Belden books on the right. One of these days I’ll get the Hardy Boys collection from my parent’s house.  The artwork is mine, set in an Ikea frame.

But while most of the room has been done for awhile now I had yet to finish the closet, mostly because I would have to empty it.

I finally did empty it until the other half of the room was full. Throughout the week I condensed the boxes I was keeping and started to sort through my artwork collecting in the closet, and luggage.  Starting Saturday I cleaned the walls, taped off the walls and lay down a drop cloth.  I’m eventually going to replace the baseboards so I was find just painting down to those because they’ll be torn up soon.

By Sunday here’s what I finished:

Now that the interior matches (though the carpet is two-toned) I started to fill it back up.  One of the things I bought at Ikea turned out to be too small, it’s a short rod that would not work on the quilt I hung above the bed.  Until today I had no idea what to do with it. Finally, I decided to hang it in the closet for the long wrapping paper rolls that don’t fit in the organizer.

Top shelves have see through baskets with books, physical therapy stuff and newspapers. And on the very top is the few boxes I decided to keep.  The rest of the space now has extra sheets, duvet covers in plastic bags and shoulder bags.

The rest of the space has two matching Ikea chairs, retail is $100 apiece and one came from Freecycle while the other was a gift.

To motivate myself to keep cleaning I have been listening to Harry Potter on audio tape (which is why I’m posting this from my guest room as the book is not over yet). At one point I was in the closet, painting, and looked out to find the dogs listening intently.

Wilson is my little climber so he crawled up in his bed and stared at the stereo every time the tapes were on.

Now that this room is done I can use the bed to pack for vacation!


6 thoughts on “Project Procrastination

  1. Your post came at a perfect time. I too am great at starting something but it’s the finishing that gets me. After seeing how nice your room looks I need to get off my lazy rear and finish mine. Thanks for the inspiration! Your room looks great!

  2. The room is great! Wilson is a handsome boy too. Your motivation at the house is inspirational. Where are you going on vacation?

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