Chicken or Beef?

*warning pictures and recipes ahead*

Ah, the eternal question of brides and cooks everywhere. Chicken or Beef? After a hectic morning I came home to a suspiciously full fridge and started cooking.  While I started with chicken it’s not done yet so I’ll post about the beef.

Hmmmm beef.  Open up the package and pull out the strips (mine came pre-sliced for the same price as whole), separate them into a bowl and make sure none of the meat sticks together.  I counted 40 slices of beef in my package of .77 lbs. I decided to season my beef so I pulled out the packets from the spice cabinet. I keep them bundled together so I don’t lose or spill them.

Here are my options:

Despite having a half used taco seasoning and half opened fajita seasoning I went with the garlic, herb and wine mix (far right) and it was perfect. Add a dash of olive oil and mix.  About the time I started to season the beef I put the pan on the stove and heated it up. If you wanted kabobs to  grill you can skewer the meat:

But I ended up throwing it in the pan:

While the meat is cooking I start to slice the vegetables. I separate the onions and peppers from the zucchini because zukes take longer to cook and I don’t like burnt peppers.  Zucchini are cut in half twice and then into strips:

Drizzle in some olive oil and a little bit of Mrs. Dash seasoning.  While the meat finishes I start cutting the peppers. Unfortunately I only have fresh red and orange peppers so I have to pull some green and yellow from the freezer.

Again, mix with a very small amount of olive oil and stir.

By this time the beef is done cooking so I set it aside on a plate keeping the juices in the pan.

Add the zucchini to the pan and de-glaze it by scraping the pan clean.  The zucchini sautees for about 10 minutes on high heat. This is a really good time to start your rice and or beans for the fajitas.  Black beans or pinto are good, white rice is a nice side dish.

After the zucchini has cooked for awhile I add water, lower to medium heat and cover the pan.  How much water? A coffee cup full. Not a big mug, just normal sized.

Let that really cook the zucchini the rest of the way and then set aside the zucchini and save the juice.

The juices are so yummy, people! You can use it to season rice or a pasta dish. So many options, so little juice.

Now that the pan is empty again toss in the peppers and onions. Same speel, sautee until soft and set aside.  It helps to clean as you go, wash out the  measuring cups and mixing bowls and clean the cutting boards.

I was a little bored at this moment so I took a picture of my salt & pepper shakers:

I also have watermelon and corn on the cob sets. Anyway, pretty soon you’ve got plenty of veggies and meat for fajitas so load up a tortilla and dinner is served!

I opted to add some juice and a bit of zucchini to white rice on the side.

There’s plenty of veggies for other meals, they mix well with pasta or as a side dish.  Also easy to substitute chicken fajitas if you’ve got a chicken in the crockpot (I do!).  In fact once that chicken is done in the crockpot I’ll post again another recipe, how to de-skin a bird and my favorite soup. Don’t worry, I had canine supervision the entire time. My dog Jackson didn’t come in the kitchen though, he had the perfect view from the couch:

this is a look that clearly says “I don’t trust you with knives or hot objects and I’ll leap over this arm the second you drop something on the floor”


4 thoughts on “Chicken or Beef?

  1. Jacksons very smart to stay out of the kitchen but looking in. My too like to come in and lay on the kitchen floor while I cook so I have to keep my eyes on them while walking around cooking.

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