No Spend Update

It’s been a quiet few days around the blog here which is unusual because I’m anything but quiet. Just ask my mom. And when I am quiet it’s a calculating, cool, don’t make eye contact kind of quiet.

But here I sit at the end of another week (an exciting week) eating lemon jello and thinking. Just thinking. So much is going on there’s hardly a place to start and as I was retrieving my jello and feeling pensive I thought of a pensieve and how sneaky sneaky that J.K. Rowling really was.

I’ll start with the No Spend Challenge, as good a place as any.  While I’m reluctant to call it a “failure” I did spend money Thursday and Friday (today). Yesterday it was a $4 coffee at Borders while I looked through vacation guidebooks. Very little guilt there, it was yummy and I haven’t had coffee out since my mom was in town and treated me last month.  Then to Safeway where I spent just shy of $20 and got 3 dozen eggs, asparagus, bananas and meat. Lots of meat. Going-to-freeze-steak-for-the-first-time- meat.

Meat is one of the many things I absolutely dislike cooking. It’s cold and was once inside an animal… there’s something a little unsettling about eating another creature’s muscles. But if meat is murder it’s tasty, tasty murder. So I’ll eat it, especially when someone else is cooking, serving or bringing it out to my table. But at home I eat very little meat or what I call easy meat. Chili. Meatballs. Chicken nuggets.

Today I also spent money, gas to fill up the car which got atrocious gas mileage this month, tortillas for fajitas next week and two whole organic chickens 11 lbs for $11.  And tomorrow the spending continues! $20 for a china cabinet delivered to my home – no worries I’ll have pictures as I sand, paint and install contact paper.

With the exception of the gas which goes to my American Express card, all my spending will be done with cash. $92 refunded from my prescription glasses and $7 from recycling.

Lots going on around here this week and I’ll be back tomorrow with an organizing post for the car and some recipes.


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