When Life Gives You Lemons

You should:

a) make lemonade

b) make a lemon drop margarita

c) don’t squeeze the juice into your eye

d) throw ’em in the disposal

Technically any of the above answers is appropriate though I’m partial to b myself.

But what to do when the freezer gives you lumpy milk?  I have a gallon I froze the day it came home from the grocer and now won’t mix like normal milk. I’ve never had this problem before and I’m loathe to throw away a gallon of perfect good smelling milk because it looks funny.

Answer? Make pudding

Lots of pudding. Here’s a half gallon of the milk magically transformed into cheesecake, butterscotch, chocolate and lemon pudding.


The rest of the milk will get used up tomorrow when I pre-mix a few side dishes that require milk.  Now that my pantry stock is back in the house and hopefully safe from the ant invasion I can pull out a few things and do some bulk cooking.

I tried something new, writing down everything on this side of the pantry – all side dishes. Now technically I could use that milk for things like muffin mixes and cereal, as you see below I have plenty of breakfasty foods. But I really do not like cereal. I know, it’s abnormal. And made me a terrible college student. I even went four years without eating Ramen.

Too bad it’s not summer, I would love to make some homemade ice cream.  Speaking of ice cream, next time you go to a party, potluck, picnic, whatever, take a gallon of vanilla and this:

No one will touch it until it’s time for dessert and then ta da!

Almonds, chocolate chips, Reece’s pieces, white chocolate chips, walnuts & mini marshmellows:

Add some cherries and a little whipped cream and you’ve got your very own sundae bar.

And that’s all for the Monday night edition of “what’s in Kelly’s kitchen after 10 weeks without grocery shopping!”


2 thoughts on “When Life Gives You Lemons

  1. what a clever idea for the ice cream bar! loved your idea on making puddings with the milk…where did you get a recipe for cheesecake pudding?

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