Furlough plans part 1

Today is the first of many furlough days at my full time company.  Oh the joys. So instead of lying in bed all day feeling frustrated I decided to be proactive. Here’s my day so far:

8am doctor’s appointment – take advantage of slower office hours and being the first appointment of the day. Scheduled my next appointment 5 weeks out – right before vacation.

lesson: get up early, don’t sleep in

8:30 turn in recycling – again just one person in line ahead of me, weighed and redeemed cash for my recyclables in under 10 minutes. A great improvement over Saturday morning which takes up to 30 minutes

lesson: take advantage of services and businesses that are slow during the week

9:00 call trash company – when I put my trash cans out for pickup this morning I noticed the capacity of the refuse bin was 64 gallons. A little light bulb went off above my head. I checked my bill and sure enough I’ve been charged for the 96 gallon bin! I requested the difference ($10/month) be refunded for the past 12 months since their employee provided incorrect information when verifying the capacity. I’ll be lucky to get 6 months back but that’s still $60.  While I had them on the phone I downgraded the refuse bin to 35 gallons since I rarely fill the 64 gallon one. Total monthly savings: $12 or $120 per year.

lesson: double check those little details that can result in direct savings

9:30 call insurance providers – I’ve been procrastinating on shopping for new car insurance for 6 months now. No more. My first decision was to cancel the life insurance policy I foolishly bought in 2008. Don’t really need it with no dependents. Next, quotes for car insurance coverage. Using Ramit’s scripts and ideas here, the first quote alone can save me $120/year with no change in coverage. I have 3 more quotes to get and then I’ll call my current company to see if they’ll match the rate.

lesson: shop around, especially when you need to save money without losing coverage

10:00 call my friend E and catch up – no real cost savings here, just nice to relax in the middle of the morning and have a decent conversation

I have another 6 hours until I consider my unwork day finished, what else can I accomplish?


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