Final Furlough post

Well my long day is nearly over and I’ve been busy.

I seeded and fertilized my front and back lawn, cut back my roses in the front yard and then cleaned up in the garage and house.  Final savings today are $216 on life insurance, $322 on car insurance and $130 on trash service. That’s $668 a year. I can’t recreate these type of savings every week so I’m looking for additional work, networking and working on entrepreneurship.

In other news I have 3 days of non-spending, just one regular expense for my chiropractor so far.

There were a lot of things  I wanted to go buy today:

  • tacos
  • coffee
  • a guidebook for my trip
  • tax prep software

but for the most part I was too busy to think about what I wanted to buy. It helped to stay out of the stores, went for a long walk with the dogs and focused on giving back to the community instead of spending money.

Side note: guess who’s the newest voting member on the Library Friends Board in charge of Publicity?


6 thoughts on “Final Furlough post

  1. What a great blog you have! I read your entry on money saving mom, and you impress me! You have WAY more self control than I do. (I probably would have bought a taco) Thanks for the tips on car insurance. Haven’t checked much in 10+ years. I’m going to give AAA a call. Geico has been good to us, especially when our daughter got into a wreck and totaled our Jeep. Thats when you know how good your provider is. But to save that much is worth some time on the phone. Thanks again for sharing.

  2. I am loving you blog, especially these furlough posts. I came across you through Way to spend your free time doing so many productive things, it was fun to read those posts just from your first furlough day!

  3. has free federal tax filing and $15 for state including e-file…to income limits and also does the schedule c for businesses.

  4. What auto insurance company did you go with in the end? AAA or Farmers? I used your list and added USAA bank to it (for military families, I am already a member through my parents previous service). It looks like USAA offers the best coverage for one of the lowest monthly bills for me!

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