No Easy Challenge

I was supremely amused by the comments on my latest challenge – no spending for 28 days. Several people mentioned that it should be easy for me.

Although I’ll admit it is somewhat easier when you have a goal in mind – simple deprivation rarely works – but it’s definitely not easy. As I wrote about here I am prone to a lot of whining.

Mostly because I’m a spoiled American.

That’s part of the reason why I wanted to remind myself of exactly how much I already have. It’s not so much giving up x or y but not getting NEW things. I’m not having a pity party so don’t worry about me, I’ll survive. So as an interesting side project along with recording things I want to buy I thought I’d track for ONE day everything I’m tempted to buy.

Wednesday I have the day off work and a little more flexibility in my day. Along with a doctor’s appointment and a few meetings I’d like to get some yard work done while the sun is shining (sun: please shine tomorrow!) and make changes to some of my regular bills.

But enough about February – how did your January goals turn out? If you particated in the Empty Pantry Challenge how much did you spend? How much did you save? How does your stock look after 31 days?

It’s amazing to me how little my stock goes down! sure I added some fresh ingredients (salad, broccoli, cucumbers, peppers and mushrooms for one) but I haven’t used up much. I do need to defrost another gallon of milk and make a few recipes – pastas and such.

The pups are also quite happy with their recently replenished stock of rawhide bones so all in all we’re doing well.


One thought on “No Easy Challenge

  1. I loved your comment about being a spoiled American. That is so true of all of us! I can’t tell you how often I hear my kids complain there’s “nothing” to eat…this, in a house well-stocked with food! I enjoyed reading your guest post on Money Saving Mom.

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