Finishing up the Guest Room

I tend to get caught up in everything else I have going on and slowly get around to finishing old projects.  Last weekend I spotted some fabric at Ikea on clearance and bought a yard. It matched up perfectly so I went back for 4 more yards.  At the same time I picked up a new curtain rod for $20.

Saturday I purchased new brackets for my blinds at Home Depot for $2 and re-hung the blinds. Then I hung the curtain rod and we started measuring and pining the fabric. And when I say “we” I mean my mom who is an amazing seamstress did most of the work.  She pressed and stitched the sides of the panel and the top pocket and we hung them overnight. Then she hemmed the bottom and finished them up.  15 minutes in the dryer to get out the wrinkles and we were done!



The bed frame and mattress came from my parent’s house, I picked up the nightstand for $8 last year and wrote about it here.  While I’ve had the bookshelves for awhile now I just moved them into the room a short time ago and hung the blue pendant lamp above.  This beautiful quilt was a gift from the lovely Barb:

The room is just about done, I have two more yards of fabric to make pillows and I’d like a rug because the carpet is so stained. Eventually I’ll empty and paint the closet and improve the storage there.

Total for the two curtain panels was just $12, a smidge more than my $9 living room curtains I wrote about here. Next I hope to get my office curtains done just as frugally!


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