Attention Deficit… something

I was trying to explain to my friend Jana the other day that it’s becoming increasingly harder to define what I do, what I write about here. And that is the kiss of death for most blogs, a wide focus.

I mean, I write about coupons and traveling, saving money and spending it, my personal life and people who annoy me. Why is that? Probably the same reason I could never keep a journal – I always had 12. This one was for recipes, that one for poetry (the only empty one incidentally), this one for goals, that one for weird dreams that woke me up at 3am. I naturally want to separate my thoughts, my interests. But we can’t segment our lives into happy little boxes.

When people ask what I do, I usually laugh. I write features, attend events, manage accounts, help customers, stock a store, contribute to blogs, proctor tests, take pictures, review resumes, negotiate services, market and fundraise, balance accounts and post about my finances. Usually within the span of a week.  How can that become a single-focused blog?

If there’s something we learned from Glee and god help me High School Musical, it’s that there are no longer one box to shove ourselves into. There’s no longer the jock and the punk, the musician and the actress.  And it doesn’t end in high school.  Getting out in the workplace there’s often no “work time” and “personal time” the two overlap constantly. And that’s natural. You can play football and guitar. You can be a mother and an athlete. You can even be a spender and a saver simultaneously.

The funny thing is, this translates to our lives in more ways then one. You might research index funds and ignore CD rates, use coupons at the grocery store but not at a restaurant, conserve water but not turn down your thermostat, preserve fruits and vegetables but never buy half a cow.

We all can choose how and where we save and splurge.

One subject that has been bothering me for some time and has been the start of many an unposted topics here is the false dicotomy between frugal behavior and big wins. I’ll go into more detail tomorrow with excerpts from proponents on either side of the spectrum but for now I’ll just say this:

We all can choose how and where we save and splurge.

Ironically, I’m starting a new blog and still in the process of adding content – it’s a travel blog for my upcoming adventures. It’ll keep me from posting 1,000 pictures here while I’m gone!


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