Grocery Shopping Fail?

Tonight, after 50 days of Empty Pantry Challenging myself I went shopping. I didn’t go wild, $30 spent, which is about $30 more than I wanted to spend but I’m glad I did it.  At the beginning of January I picked up staples at Costco unfortunately that limited my choices.  I’d also run out of a few staples like butter and sour cream.

$30 later I have bread for lunch, hot sauce for taco bowls, lettuce for salads and peppers and sausage for scrambled eggs.  There’s more that I bought, obviously, but everything was planned for the next six weeks and staying on the Empty Pantry Challenge.  My goal is to whittle down the fresh ingredients slowly until I leave on vacation.  The grocery savings over the next few months will go towards eating during the trip on top of my budgeted spending.

It’s not a failure, per se, but an adjustment in the plan. One that will enable me to meet the larger goals I’ve set for myself.

If you’re participating in the challenge, where have you made adjustments?


2 thoughts on “Grocery Shopping Fail?

  1. I started the challenge on January 1st and I am trying to make it through the month of February. However, I am still buying milk, produce and eggs. I just really need to clear out my freezers and pantry. I definitely don’t think you have failed in any way. In fact, you have done amazingly well. Keep up the good work. I enjoy your blog.

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