the Garage Project

Nothing like a holiday weekend to get the garage cleaned out and ready for spring.  This is a notoriously difficult room for me since it holds the laundry, pantry, chest freezer, dog food, decorations, paint, tools, and gardening supplies.  During the winter months I also have the gas grill, lawn mower and bike.

I don’t normally park in the garage but like to have room for the dogs since they stay inside when it’s cold and wet outside.

Here’s the messy before:

Yeah, it’s pretty bad. Lots of piles and the layout isn’t working.  It rained most of the afternoon but I kept the room pretty dry.  Lots of rearranging, sweeping and such before I finished.

Here I have metal folding sawhorses and the doors that I use to make a quick workbench for painting or whatever.  The green tubs and popcorn tins hold Christmas decorations including about 100 bows. I’d like to hand the ladder up on the wall but maybe later.

This black shelving unit came from my grandparent’s shed after they moved to Assisted Living.  Now it holds 6 gallons of paint, lawn fertilizer and seed, buckets, paint supplies, gardening tools, gloves, pots, and a whole bunch of blankets.  The two wide metal shelves were a gift from my Dad for my birthday. The shelves hold milk cartons full of water, tools, dog food and treats, a Christmas tree, camping chairs, an ice chest, fans and dog toys.

In the corner is the pantry my Dad built that holds a lot of my stockpiles.

The white tubs on the left are for my recycling, one each for aluminum, glass and plastic plus the one without a lid is for sorting. The small chest freezer was a 4th of July purchase last year.  On the right is my dog paraphernalia, leashes, bowls, food and training collars. Those four pillows are for my outdoor swinging bench, I got them on clearance for $1 apiece at Home Depot. They’re going to look great come spring!

The other side of the garage got cleaned up too:

Trash cans, laundry baskets, laundry supplies and ironing supplies (not like I iron….) are all in the corner here by my washer & dryer.  You can’t see at this angle but my Dad installed a rod across the corner in front of the water heater to hang and dry clothes.

The couch is my $50 Barn Sale find which allows my dogs to sleep in the garage off the floor.

This is probably the worst corner of the garage. The bike hoist needs to be installed and then the bike will be off the floor. The small shelving thing has a case of motor oil, windshield wiper fluid, filters, rags, etc. The other boxes have rocks. Seriously, rocks. Not quite sure where they’re going yet but there are 3 heavy boxes of rocks.  The middle of the garage has the lawn mower, gas grill and the doggie (kiddie) pool filled with top soil.

All in all it was a lot of work, about 3 hours of my day off, I found some things I needed to toss, and a lot more that I could use. I can honestly say the garage is filled with things I plan to use and that feels great.  Cleaning and organizing is therapeutic to me. Yes, I’m weird.


3 thoughts on “the Garage Project

  1. I totally think that cleaning & organizing is therapeutic. It just makes you feel more productive & efficient! I’m so glad you posted about this, we just bought a house and are in the process of looking for & building storage shelves for the garage. I love your pantry shelf. The organized cans make me smile…i love things like that!

  2. Nicely done! I really like the couch idea for the dogs. We have dogs also, and that would be a good thing to do. Thanks for the motivation!

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