the Freezer

A tip for all you folks trying the Empty Pantry Challenge… check out the freezer before you start!  I just got around to cleaning out my freezer last week and found so much food that I’ll be more than fine going on the challenge for the rest of January. Maybe even February since it’s a short month.

I usually clean off the counter and cover the surface with dish towels so the cleaning process is a lot easier.

Yeah, ’cause pretty soon the counter looks like this:

I found 3 loaves of bread, stuffed mushroom filling from the Pioneer Woman, frozen veggies, something that resembles soup and cookie dough. From last April.

I managed to get the food groups sorted and put things away without too many landslides.

I moved the protein (I did find some!) to the outside chest freezer. There’s a lasagna, ground beef, chicken, enchiladas and a small ham. Plenty of vegetables, breads, fruit and desserts. All in all I’m still not starving!

If you’re attempting the pantry challenge this month how’s it going? What’s the oddest thing you’ve pulled from the depths of the arctic freezer?


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