Travel Lust – Part 2

Sorry for the delay, this weekend got away from me! See part 1 here

I’ve heard a lot of reasons why I shouldn’t go on this trip and have genuinely thought through my reasoning for months now.

“Europe will always be there”

I uniquely hate this argument. First of all with the proliferation of nuclear weaponry there’s always a risk. Kim Jong Il is not a stable man!

But more importantly, this argument ignores the true, once in a lifetime opportunities that arise. This trip with these friends will not happen again. It’s a minor miracle we can make it work as it is!

There are very few times I can say were “once in a lifetime” events. Being at my grandma’s bedside during her last days on earth. Traveling sometimes hundreds of miles to meet someone who enriches my life. Participating in a bootcamp that challenged my thinking. Working on a collaboration.

“You don’t have enough in savings, retirement, etc”

Granted, spending money on something that is not a life-sustaining necessity is always a risk.

But it’s a risk I am willing to take.

And if life goes to hell in a hand basket I knew the risks ahead of time. I may have to cut back further, lower the thermostat from 60 to 55 degrees, print in draft mode forever, forgo  soda, ration the dog’s scooby snacks and trade in my car for a cheaper one.

So while I know it’s a risk I do have insurance in place. Health insurance, house insurance, car insurance and even life insurance. Those will cover most catastrophes, even ones that kill me!

I also know I am a type-A, borderline OCD personality so I also know I’ll never think I have “enough” in savings. If all my sub accounts are at 100% I’ll think of other emergencies that I should be saving for. It’s also very unlikely every EF stays fully funded all the time. Cars need repairs, dogs get sick, houses can become a money pit!

If I allow myself to worry too much about the bad events that could happen I’ll miss out on the great events that are happening.

Living is a risk.

“You should be focusing all your time on finding a better job, a rich husband or those plans to knock over a bank”

Another conclusion I’ve recently come to is that I must have faith in my ability to generate income. Whether that come conventionally or off the cuff, I know that I’m a hard worker and highly skilled.

Yes, I want to earn more in 2010. But that can’t be my only goal.

Tunnel vision is bad vision.

It also begs the question how much is enough? Is it okay to splurge when you make $25,000? $50,000? $100,000?  Where is the line when it becomes okay to spend money on something that brings non-monetary value to my life?

I contend it’s when my bills and debts are paid and savings are in tact. That’s what works for me, that may not be what works for you.

*shrugs* to each her own. Even if you disagree, completely disagree, with my choice I’m okay with that because you are not financially responsible for my life. I am. And I take responsibility to repay my debts, take care of my health and my dogs and prepare for my future.

So I’m going on vacation!


5 thoughts on “Travel Lust – Part 2

  1. go girl!!! Have a wonderful time! You are much more financially sound than I have ever been and you deserve to live out your dreams! That’s what fun money is for!

  2. I say go for it…I love traveling to Europe…and it doesn’t have to be expensive. None of my trips have been that expensive. I spent 6 weeks in Portugal and including the flight, it cost me less than 3K…and I wasn’t as frugal as I could have been for that trip. I use Let’s Go (a lot is available online) and Lonely Planet (as a back up)…I usually check the books out of the library and then make my own travel book…with information from the net, books and friends. I usually stay at Hostel International Hostels (super clean, safe, and often very cheap) and places recommended in LG or LP. Breakfast is often included and I often picnic for Lunch and most times supper. I bring trail mix and granola bars with me along with a spoon, fork, knife and small thermos. If you can, try and get an ISIC card — it will save you $$$ in admissions etc. Email me if you have any questions etc..


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