Tackling the Fridge

For all of you embarking on the Empty Pantry Challenge Adventure! this month the first thing I wish I had known was to organize my fridge! It’s not exactly dirty laundry but here’s my very dirty fridge before I started in November:

I have no idea what that goopy stuff on the bottom was but it’s clean now.  This was my $40 garage sale fridge so please note the missing shelf on the door. Those bottom shelves have broken tracks but it’s cold and clean so that’s all I need.

Once everything is out start throwing it all back in. This was my snacks/dairy shelf which is up near the top since I can’t find the little containers in the bottom behind something else. Milk, water & juice occupy the top shelf.

Next, lunches. The pb&j shelf.

Bottom drawers have tortillas & various cheese things:

Another drawer actually utilized for fruits and vegetable like products

Bottom shelf is for various alcoholic drinks and mixes and leftovers:

Special shout out to Honey, a good friend who taught me how to make my own raspberry liqueur this summer. So good. And I use organic raspberries so it’s healthy, right?

And I organize the door shelves with condiments, salad dressing

And there you have it, a slightly more organized fridge, proof I don’t need more salad dressing and one of the best tricks to emptying your pantries – knowing what’s in there first!

Now wish me luck, tonight I tackle the freezers!


6 thoughts on “Tackling the Fridge

  1. Hey there girlie!!!!….. ROFLMAO – I have created a monster with that raspberry liqueur I see!

    As an aside, my fridge is organized into “zones” as well with dairy, yogurt, eggs etc on one shelf, produce in their baskets, and large items on the door. I have a short upper shelf so the beer bottles are there laying on their sides


  2. Kelly! I found your blog somehow..and immediately added it to my Google Reader list and it’s on my blog (in the sidebar under favorites).

    Love this post about the refrigerator as I have been just tossing things in mine (small, apartment standard one) without a system. I like your system and will soon adopt it as my own!

  3. You could probably find that piece for the door if you look up the model number of your fridge (on a sticker inside). We were missing one in our freezer, and for $30, we get a bunch more storage space. Life is good now!

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