Guest Post at Money Saving Mom

Crystal over at MoneySavingMom was kind enough to allow me to guest post about my recent Empty Pantry Challenge. The article can be found here.

In the meantime welcome MSM readers! *waves*

We’re now entering month 2 of my Empty Pantry Challenge and I still have a ton of meal ideas to execute.  In the meantime it occurs to me I’ve been remiss in adding MSM to my blogroll, a true oversight since I read the blog daily. I’ll fix that right now…


5 thoughts on “Guest Post at Money Saving Mom

  1. Just wanted to say hi! I just found your blog through Money Saving Mom and thought you had lots of interesting things to say! Looking forward to Month 2 of the Pantry Challenege!

  2. Just found you via MSM…love what I’ve seen so far. Especially love your list of 100 things from last summer…congrats on that huge achievement! We may have to implement that around here one of these days.

  3. wow, I’m having anxiety attacks over one month and you are going for TWO??? 🙂 Great article, always tell myself its not a challenge but an adventure, tell my teens that too … its all in the attitude!

  4. Hi, I came here via msm. First, let me say I enjoyed your guest post.

    I recently started a blog on frugal living in California, because I felt like all the blogs on the subject are stay-at-home moms in the midwest. Then I find you after I get started. Young, single, successful, good job!

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