New Year, Old Things

Cleaning up the last of the Christmas ornaments and decorations from 2009, loving these unbreakable globes.

I used fresh cut branches from the tree with my welcome wreath and decorated the mantle as well.

A special shout out to the bloggers over at The Thrifty Chicks for the inspiring images of their 2009 shopping adventures in thrift stores all over the US.  Since almost all commercial stores are closed today E. and I went out for a little thrifting.

And found awesomeness.

Deal of the century: a 1989 Where’s Waldo puzzle in the original box, unopened. $1

I love these puzzles. Waldo at the beach. Waldo and the unfriendly giants. Waldo and the pirates. *squish*

Where’s Waldo? There Waldo.

And while I’m on a one way trip back to childhood, the lite bright, also $1.

A fun salt & pepper shaker set:

a bright and cheery set of china

I will probably end up selling the china set on eBay.  Most of the purchases are great deals, the puzzle sells on eBay for $20, the lite brite for $40.


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