A Resolution by any other name…

is a goal. And as we all should have learned in high school, goals should be S.M.A.R.T.






I didn’t exactly set many goals in 2009, I was fresh off the experience of building a house and had no idea what to expect in the coming year. I think I’ve accomplished a helleva lot in the past 12 months but it’s more important to look forward at this juncture in time.

I confess: I suffer from having too many goals. Let’s try to simplify things, shall we?


Goal 1: Pay off the remainder of my student loans from college totaling $3411.58. At the end of 2009 this account has $411.58 thus I’ll need to contribute $3,000 in the coming year or $250 a month.  The math is a bit off because my monthly payments knock out about $34 a month from the principal balance.

Goal 2: End 2010 with 6 months of regular expenses in savings. At the current cost of expenses that’s $6,600. Right now I have $3,000 in savings so I need to add $3,600 in the next year or $300 each month.


Goal 3: Replace the gutters on the half-plex and pay cash.

Goal 4: Prime and paint the Master Bedroom and Bathroom


Goal 5: Reach my weight loss goals each month

Goal 6: Register for a half marathon to be completed in 2010 or 2011.


Goal 7: Make enough money each month to cover minimum expenses and meet savings goals.

Goal 8: Continue to increase my professional and personal networks


Goal 9: Continue to learn the features of my DSLR camera and edit photos.

Goal 10: Continue to purge and simplify my possessions, digital files and mental stress.


One thought on “A Resolution by any other name…

  1. I like your short list of goals! Great job focusing. I will try to follow your examples when setting mine, but you know how long-winded I am, I may be incapable of writing a list with only 10 things on it. Ha. I also am particularly proud of your goal about reducing mental stress. GO FOR IT, GIRL!

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