Still Not Starving!

With as much as I’ve been complaining lately you’d think I was emaciated and frail, underfed and overworked. Not so true…

In fact my incredible pantry and freezer stock has really come through for me!  This last week I had refried beans and white rice, enchiladas, several ham and cheese sandwiches, chili and soup.

Last week I made a bunch of sandwiches ahead of time for the days when I wake up late or cranky, rush home on my lunch half hour and don’t have anything quick to cook.

The supplies:

By the way, I found it’s a lot easier to spread the peanut butter if you’ve microwaved it first. So a put a few scoops in a small jar, 30 seconds on high and done.

Put a thin layer of peanut butter on both sides so the jam doesn’t make the bread all soggy, add jelly, package and done.

I’ve also made soup from mixes my mom gave to me, heated up enchiladas from the freezer, cooked a lasagna, had burritos and leftover omelets and fasted for a few meals.


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