Grocery Store Greed

It’s a bad habit of mine to wander around the grocery store throwing  things in my cart that “look good.”  I don’t exactly shop with a  plan in mind, just think to myself I would eat that.

This is not a preferred method.

For January I’ve given myself a budget of $50 and I would like to  take advantage of some sales to get protein back in my diet. Beyond  eggs and spam, that is.

That means continuing to use up items I have in my fridge, freezers  and pantry, supplementing with fresh ingredients where it’s NEEDED.

I was considering buying zucchini for burritos (I slice it long ways  and sautee with onions).  But zucchini is not in season which means  it’ll be more expensive, will spoil quicker and most importantly, it’s  not NEEDED.

So, no zucchini on my list. Instead I’ll pick up a case of refried  beans and trade those out with black beans for burrito bowls and  tacos. Those beans should last me 3 more months so the cost of a  case of beans is just $2.25 a month.  I might buy some sparkling ciders in lieu of juice but I definitely need to restock milk, eggs and cheese.

$50 isn’t a whole lot when you consider buying in bulk but it’s cheaper in the long run.  Even though it would be easier to spread out the $50 all month I’ll try to get all my shopping done this coming weekend. It’s way too tempting to go to the store every week.

I’ll just get greedy and convince myself fruit rolls ups should be at the base of the food pyramid. Or spicy turkey sausage for breakfast would make me, I don’t know, eat breakfast.


I do need to find out if I can buy Taco Bell sauce at the grocery store now or if I should buy myself a taco and smuggle out the packets.  I wasn’t kidding when I said beans, rice and taco sauce are fan-cy!


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