Do What You Love

Not necessarily as work because as Penelope Trunk has argued, you’re going to do that anyway.  Work should be what you’re good at, what someone will pay you to do. But if you find something you love to do, do it.

Hobbies are for love.  When I was a kid I loved puzzles, not the crossword kind but honest to god 3,000 piece complicated pictures. And I’m pretty good at them. I can walk by, pick up a piece and snap it into place after a few seconds.

Drives my family nuts.

But I’ve never figured out how to get paid to assemble puzzles.

A recent hobby which I’ve really begun to enjoy and invest in is photography.  In a way it’s like a puzzle, usually it’s me plus the camera minus the ugly people in my way plus good lighting equals something amazing. Okay, that sounded more like math but you get the idea.  Every few Saturdays when I have the morning off I’ll walk downtown or drive out to the country and just take as many shots as I can.

It lets me be creative, gets me some much needed sunshine and it’s a fun hobby.

Occasionally I have a co-pilot, albeit one that abandoned me in the middle of Route 17

And when it’s too dark, cold, rainy or icky outside, I might just stay in and edit pictures. Or maybe finish a nice puzzle.

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