Halfway Mark Update

Mid month goal check:

15 NSD

I’m currently at 11 NSD and working on making the rest of the week/end count too.  I’ll hopefully exceed this goal since  I can’t currently think of anything I NEED to buy.

4 new job applications

I have two bookmarked, it’s on the list for this week right after I call on my insurances.

31 MOAN days (stopped tracking this when I got sick)

Well crap, I forgot to track this (again). I’ve been trying to work outside or inside every day. Hauling laundry, scooping leaves, cleaning or just walking the dogs.

5 EO days

So far I’ve had 2 days, both this last weekend

Other goals:
-finish bootcamp

Final night is tomorrow, I’m kinda sad to see it end. Okay, really sad. I’ve learned a lot and it’s been a great investment.

-clean out my gutters

Done and let me tell you: disgusting!

-hang Christmas lights

Not going to happen, I need a second person to help so I don’t fall into the rose bushes and the gutters are not the strongest. Next year!

-10 blog posts

This one makes 8

-make contact with nat. mag. editor

Still waiting to hear about the pictures for this magazine. Getting antsy!

-send all cards and presents by the 15th

Nearly succeeded on this one. I have one card and two large envelopes to mail. Hopefully all done by tomorrow.

-finish moving all the dirt


-1 NaNoWriMo party, 1 Meetup party

Had the NaNoWriMo party, unfortunately I’m going to skip tomorrow’s Meetup party. It’s the final webcast for bootcamp and that takes priority.

-attempt a $0 grocery budget

So far a success with not a single penny spent!

-make a decision about job #2

Eh fail.  I was going to drop this job entirely and just resign myself to Netflix like everyone else on the planet but with job #1 slashing hours 20% I’m going to stick it out.

-pick up another assignment from job #3

I’m stuck on this one too. I need to think of some good ideas to pitch to my editor.

-finish prep work for job #4 training

Still a fail, damn math…

-get my inbox to 0

Working on it! I’m currently down to just six but they’re all things I need to take action on. Sigh.

One thought on “Halfway Mark Update

  1. Holy crap it sounds like you are making phenomenal progress! And you counted “make a decision about job #2” as a fail even though you DID make a decision – hold onto it for now. That’s a fine decision – for now. I think with as much as Murphy’s been sucker-punching you this month, you are giving it right back to him. Nicely done.

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