anything else?

that’s directed at the universe by the way.

Let’s recap this completely fucked up week, shall we?

the water bill came in with a lovely notice telling me exactly how much my costs are going up next year. Thanks.

my chicken shit neighbors called animal control on my dogs for barking. Without any time or duration information, an ounce of proof or ever approaching me to say “hey your dogs bark!” Yes, absolutely freakin’ shocking that dogs bark. To them I say: bite me.

the final cost for my monthly insurance is sent to me. I throw up in response. Represents a 30% increase in my monthly bills.  And if I want to see a doctor or get medication the costs are even worse.

and then my review at work. Yay! you’re doing such a great job, you’re so efficient we will now proceed to cut your hours 20% because we can. We can’t, or won’t, come up with any other possible tasks for you to do, you’re just so talented, dammit! Oh shucks. Oh but we gave you four weeks notice of when you’ll be fucked so… yay?


One thought on “anything else?

  1. Sounds like a horrible day. I’m thinking of you and pulling for you to get a new job. Come this weekend and although I can’t fix your job, your neighbors, or your insurance, I can and will ply you with booze and sugary delights and the delicious restaurant meals you’ve been depriving yourself of. And I’ll remind you that you punched the economy in the face once when you got this job before unemployment ran out, and you can do it again, because you are My Friend Kelly.

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