Kelly and the Terribe, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day

When I was growing up this was my brother’s favorite book so I heard it often. And thoughts of this book kept running through my head today. Here’s what contributed to the bad:

A Bad Attitude

Not mine, for once. A co-worker who was more than a little angry at the boss and kept spouting off comments like “she should do this herself!” and “I’m just not going to do it, that’ll teach her!”

Uh, no.

That will teach YOU when you’re unemployed.

Really it began at 8am and continued until well after noon and after about an hour I was begging for mercy. I’m not the person you’re annoyed with, I can’t help you. Stop. Whining.

A Bad Perception

I had a lot of work to get done today and that normally puts me in a very good mood. I like being productive and knocking out projects left and right. Because of the hard work I did last week my monthly statements went much smoother this month.

And my co-workers didn’t seem to understand that I was busy. Granted I was working and not complaining about work so maybe that threw them off. But while I opened and processed my statements a co-worker asked me to do the rest of the mail.


Not a big deal, it takes two minutes, max. But if you’re spending ten minutes on the phone every hour (conservative estimate) planning your weekend, you have plenty of time.

The one personal task I needed to accomplish today was drop off payment at my chiropractor’s office three blocks away. Normally I’d take my afternoon break and walk over. Not today.

A Bad Offer

Feeling a bit bad for the complainer and hoping that I could get out of the office and a little longer break I offered to drop off the bank deposit in the afternoon.

The road to hell…

I made said offer when the mail arrived at 11am. I was still processing my monthly statements, have a thick stack of phone bills to review and at least half of my monthly invoices are late meaning there are dozens of calls to make in order to close books Monday by noon.

And while my co-workers take long lunches, chat about their busy jobs and call friends, spouses and kids every half hour I’m in work mode. iPod on, processing as efficiently as possible, taking phone calls and emails as they come.

Then my iPod dies. Not a dead battery even, some random malfunction that I’ll need to fix tonight.

Then my co-worker asks me to copy the checks to be deposited so I can take them to the bank.

Sure, I say. Stupid, Kelly, very stupid.

She gives me the checks at 3:15. I copy them by 3:45 (25 deposits, most with 3-6 checks each). I leave at 3:47. The merchant teller closes by 4:00. I’m in the bank by 3:55. Hand over the checks. Hear my phone beep. It’s the office.

“Wait, don’t deposit those! We forgot to stamp them!”


The teller managed to reverse the first deposit she’d processed and I returned to the office. Didn’t get my break to run my errand. Didn’t even accomplish the task. Did waste a lot of time doing someone else’s job while they chatted, texted and lazed about all afternoon.

Is it any wonder that the traditional business environment is fraying my last nerve?


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