And now for the good news!

It’s December 4th and when it comes to my goals I’ve taken all the names and I’m ready to start kicking the asses!

So far my only expenditure has been the cost of two chiropractic visits, $80.  I decided to prepay for my next visit today so I can rack up more No Spend Days. The goal this month is 15, I think… *pulls up list* Here we go!

15 NSD  —-> so far I’m 4/4 (budgeted spending doesn’t count
4 new job applications  ——> working on this right now, I should have my new freelance information up by Monday
31 MOAN days (stopped tracking this when I got sick) —–> pretty sure I’m at 3/4 (today I’m going to clean but maybe not MOAN level)
5 EO days ——> GREAT news on this one! One of the events I was anticipating spending money at was the wrap up NaNoWriMo party. Well instead of going to a restaurant we’re back to the ML’s house for a potluck! Potluck I can do cheap! Tomorrow night is ice cream with Tres but we might eat from my freezer, I have yummy stuff here too.

Other goals:
-finish bootcamp —-> going well, the webcasts this week were fantastic, I’m really getting my monies worth
-clean out my gutters —–> scheduled for tomorrow (runs to google to check weather) Whew, clear and 60 degrees tomorrow. Just need my bucket, gloves, scooper and the ladder!
-hang Christmas lights ——> going to assess hanging options while I’m on the ladder, hoping to get this done Sunday
-10 blog posts ——–> a little behind but this one makes 2
-make contact with nat. mag. editor ——> working on it, I am collecting the photos I want to submit in a folder now and want to get my online portfolio polished up before contacting her. Also, new article comes out on Tuesday the 8th.
-send all cards and presents by the 15th —–> doing pretty good on cards, just a few more that I need envelopes for before sending. Presents however, this might be a close one
-finish moving all the dirt ——> again, a task for this weekend if I can borrow my neighbor’s wheelbarrow
-1 NaNoWriMo party, 1 Meetup party ——-> RSVP’d for both
-attempt a $0 grocery budget ———-> so far a WIN at $0 spent but man, this is hard!
-make a decision about job #2 ———–> still thinking, thinking… thinking
-pick up another assignment from job #3 ————–> working on a few pitch ideas
-finish prep work for job #4 training —————-> gah, epic fail so far. I need to take a 12th grade level 20 minute test. Harder than it seems since my brain is mushy mush when it comes to math.
-get my inbox to 0 ———> trying! I eliminated about half of the emails in my box, still processing the last 30 or so.

Now, for the details because that is where the devil is:

Obviously my biggest challenge is spending $0 to eat and drink in December. What was I thinking? Surely this would be a better challenge for a non-holiday short month like February? And no, Valentines Day is not a holiday, it’s a scam.

The biggest challenge has been silencing my inner me. Our conversations go something like this:

me: I want tacos!
me: stupid you, burritos can be made at home for $1!
me: but I. WANT. TACOS!
me: idiot.

me: tacos?

I’m pretty spoiled, even though it’s just me at home. Usually if I want something for dinner that’s what I have, whether or not I have other food already cooked or if I’ve gone over grocery budget. I tend to justify. A lot. And put things in the freezer and never take them out. Whoops.

So far this month I’ve really enjoyed the meals. Breakfast is usually a toasted english muffin, I had to use idiot proof organization here:

See? Right there by the toaster.  And actually, since I had eggs for breakfast this morning I decided to have toast for dinner. Apparently “a watched pot never boils” translates to “unwatched toast burns and smokes up the kitchen.” I shrugged and scrapped the burnt stuff off in the sink.  Lunch so far has been a quart (I think) of soup from the grocery store. Originally I lamented $5 soup but until I can make another batch of Chicken Tortilla goodness, this will do. And that means just $1.25 per day on lunch.

I finished up the brownies by sharing at work. Made these for Thanksgiving and my brownie-lovin’ cousin never came over so I could share.

You can’t see from this angle but when they were about halfway done I threw a handful of chocolate chips on top. ‘Cause I’m fancy like that.

Dinner has been leftovers, a bit of this and that. I have lasagna in the freezer that I’m thinking of making this weekend. There’s a second lasagna, a whole chicken, enchiladas… it’s clear I’m not going to starve on this budget, even if I don’t get a taco.


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