November 30th Already?!


Blog: at least 6 posts

This one makes 8!

NaNoWriMo: Kick-off party, at least one write in, complete 50,000 words by December 1st 12:00 AM

And DONE! I finished the month with just a smidge over 54,000 words, went to a halfway mark party and the kick-off party. Next up: wrap up party! We do like to party…

Grocery Budget: under $200

Epic FAIL. I think Mint said my total was around $300 but that might be including the dog food which comes up to $40.  Either way I don’t regret the decision to eat yummy food for Thanksgiving even if I didn’t have guests.

Christmas shopping: purchase rest of gifts and pull out cards

Getting there slowly. I’m wishing planet earth turned sloooooowly. Still need to find a few things. I did pull out the cards and as of today they’re completed and most of the envelopes are addressed too.

Boot camp: complete tasks as assigned, track savings

Week one went really well! I managed to get my FICO score and credit report and I’m working on ways to improve “the number.”  Also saw two webcasts and took a ton of notes. Week two and three are a work in progress.

No Spend Days: 15 complete NSD, 5 CSD under $10

NSD: 9

CSD: 11

SD:  10

Thanksgiving: no nervous breakdown


Sleep: get some

Heh. Epic Fail.

Coffee: try not to get blood in my caffeine system



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