New Month, New Goals

If you followed my progress in goals last month (hint: scroll down) then you’ll see my big FAIL was grocery shopping.  Gah. I could probably work in the kitchen for four or five hours and come up with enough meals for six months! They might not be good but… anywho.

The December goals are varied and reflect the changes that I need to be making right now.

-finish bootcamp
-clean out my gutters
-hang Christmas lights
-10 blog posts
-make contact with nat. mag. editor
-send all cards and presents by the 15th
-finish moving all the dirt
-1 NaNoWriMo party, 1 Meetup party
-make a decision about job #2
-pick up another assignment from job #3
-finish prep work for job #4 training
-get my inbox to 0

And the big goal:

-attempt a $0 grocery budget

A little more on this one… it seems that even while my pantry shelves and freezers are over-a-flowing, I keep buying food that’s a) tastier or b) easier. Which totally defeats the purpose of having a nice stock of food if it’s never consumed or by the time I pull it out the layer of frostbite is thicker than the food itself.  So, the goal entails not spending a single penny on foodstuff.  There are a few exceptions (come on, you know me!):

-the aforementioned NaNoWriMo party may be held at a restaurant and thus I will order something. Something small.

-My weekend visiting parents, grandparents and friends means some eating out. I will hope to eat breakfast on the way and a few meals with my grandparents but then I’ll probably have to eat out. (these count as two days, btw)

-two “free pass” days wherein I can have ice cream with Tressa, submit to the call of a taco or have a Christmas pity party (I hate holidays. They suck.) Thankfully I finished NaNoWriMo with the win 36 hours early so I had my celebration lunch on Sunday. Hey, I survived 30 days and 54,000 words without a single coffee shop sit down.



Unfortunately the $0 budget means that I can have coffee if it’s a) made at home, b) made at work or c) stolen.  This is gonna be a long month.


3 thoughts on “New Month, New Goals

  1. I love the $0 grocery budget.. that would be a good challenge for me this month! Might have to pick up a random perishable here or there (i.e., milk) and I will probably need an ingredient or two for these stupid cookies I have to make on Friday, but at least they are in lieu of a hijack present – yay! But maybe I will keep a running total and see how low I can get it. Thanks for the inspiration!

  2. The best part is that I have three gallons of milk frozen right now, butter I bought in bulk, fresh veggies that will last and canned ones if they don’t. I think I can make it!

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