Links from a Collector

As much as I am loath to admit it: I am a collector.  I keep magazines well past the month or year they arrived and often save pages with the intent of using them for inspiration “some day.”

While I’m nowhere as bad as my parents, I won’t subject you to those pictures, I do need a better way of organizing interesting things for my reference, and hopefully share some of the fun things I’ve found.

Introducing “My Links”

Different from the blogroll of fun sites I visit, the links category will bring up interesting, innovative or just awesome things I come across. Make no mistake, I have not been scouring websites and catalogs to locate such finds. These will mostly come secondhand from magazines or friends, the occasional perusal of a store or website.

So, for the inaugural edition, a website for people like me, unbreakable glasses for the frequently tipsy and fresh fruit from the farm.

I can’t spell worth a dam.  And quite often the word I’m thinking of using is nowhere near the one that I want to be using.  Enter, a great site that gives access to dozens of dictionaries from Websters to specialized medical tomes.  You can pick your definition from your favorite site or get one look at every definition.

Next, when you and the friends get together to celebrate that perfectly worded research paper and break out the wine,  Govino Wine has a solution for a common problem.  Whether clumsy, drunk or just bent on destruction, expensive stemware can take a beating.  Govino glasses are stemless, shatterproof, reusable, recyclable and only $3 apiece.

And lastly for today, in the chill of November weather and facing a long winter ahead, some spring and summer planning.  Pick Your Own is a site that aggregates orchards and farms that encourage hands on picking in one convenient location.  The site operate year-round and a quick search brings up every state and a few international locations with current produce like apples, pumpkins, winter squash and late season raspberries. Christmas Tree farms are also listed, organic farming is noted with a green link.  The site also gives easy to follow canning and freezing instructions, hints on finding low-cost supplies and provides contact information for the farms.

*yes I know the difference between “dam” and “damn” but feel free to correct me in the comments section anyway 😉


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