November, a third gone

Work: 22 days on, 8 off

So far in 11 days I’ve worked 8, had 3 off. Very odd having free weekends…

Freelance: complete Gift article and submit by the 17th

Waaaay behind on this one. I need to crank it out this weekend

Blog: at least 6 posts

This one makes 3!

NaNoWriMo: Kick-off party, at least one write in, complete 50,000 words by December 1st 12:00 AM

Kick off party was awesome-o, I will probably go to a write in this weekend and I’m on my way to 50,000!

Grocery Budget: under $200

I’m up to $131.46 but I also have a whole chicken, leftover pot roast, a ton of frozen foods and Thanksgiving leftovers to anticipate.

Christmas shopping: purchase rest of gifts and pull out cards

Getting there slowly. I’m wishing planet earth turned sloooooowly. Still need to find something small for my Dad, pictures printed for Mom, a few more goodies for the Grandparents and something fun for my Secret Santa and a few friend gifts.

Boot camp: complete tasks as assigned, track savings

I fail at accomplishing the tasks. Sad, really.

No Spend Days: 15 complete NSD, 5 CSD under $10

so far 4 NSD, 6 CSD (one under $10)

Thanksgiving: no nervous breakdown

Yet to be seen.

Sleep: get some

A hahahaha. Aahahahah. I am so deluded sometimes. Between a new volunteer opportunity, training for TPR (job #3), movies from job #2, taking on more responsibilities at job #1 and NaNoWriMo I should be collecting rent from Mr. Insomnia.

Coffee: try not to get blood in my caffeine system

Finally! One goal at whick I am absolutely succeeding! It’s a little hard without allocating so much money to my Dutch Brothers habit but I’ve found some yummy coffee and creamers at work and bought some Apple Cider in bulk last night to make it through the caffeine-less nights.


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