Just for Fun


Another Vegas post and hopefully the last!  Friday night in Vegas we managed to get off strip and enjoy the Fremont Street Experience.  For those of you unfamiliar, it’s a strip of hotels and casinos that doesn’t allow vehicles and is covered by a weird dome-like light display.

Here’s what it looks like:

American Pie

The show was set to American Pie by Don McLean and featured some great audiovisual interest.  But the show didn’t start until it got dark. What’s a bunch of gals to do?

We eyed the slot machines. We eyed the tourist crap, er, souvenirs. We even eyed the football filled margaritas lustily:

DSC_0233Finally we found Frank. Frank and the Steins, that is:

DSC_0238Great band covering Halloween music and best of all (did you see it on the poster?) it was FREE!

The most interesting aspect, to me at least, was that – ATTENTION Twilight fans – WE FOUND EDWARD!




Just look at this picture and tell me he’s not gay:



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