Rock de Red

What’s more appropriate for a group of Women in Red to do in Las Vegas than visit Red Rock Canyon? Saturday was a great day, the only one where everyone was in town the entire time, no flights to catch!

Brunch? Scrumptious

The day? Gorgeous

The company? Fabulous

The golden carriage? Eh, a little momish but we managed!

First, to home base (for me) in Vegas:

Jimmy's place
Jimmy's place

After that we set out with our chauffeur red2black:

our chariot awaits
our chariot awaits

And this is what we saw:




DSC_0372Do you think the ladies had a good time?

the beautiful MK
the beautiful MK
Kelly & Tanya
Kelly & red2black
Tanya and MomKat
red2black and MomKat

And, as promised, no identifying pictures of ABF.  We had a great time driving and walking at Red Rock (Canyon, not the bar).


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