Quarter Century Mark

It’s official. I’m old.

So far the day has gone pretty well. I started celebrating last night when I opened a package from New York – but that deserves its own post so more on that later.  Then I opened my present to myself, a beautiful new camera. *squish*

After willing the battery to charge just a little damn faster! I took a few shots and got familiar with the dummy settings – also known as “auto”.  Sleep, then the first of many Happy Birthday text messages.

Mom, a text message does not replace a card. Just sayin’.

Picked up coffee with my walking around money and sang along with the Vegas soundtrack (four copies done, three to go!). Work was eh, lots to do and some very annoying people to deal with.  We left for a group lunch to celebrate two birthdays and hmmmmm Mexican food!

Funny aside, someone came and put a birthday card on my desk. No envelope, nothing inside. I open it up and half the messages are to our boss (whose birthday was last week) and the rest of the message are for me. I put the card – unsigned- on the admin’s desk. Five minutes later she had to run an errand and returned with a new card. I laughed quietly to myself.

After lunch I got the new! improved! addressed to me! birthday card along with $20 in gift cards to my favorite coffee shop. Hint: it’s not Starbucks.

Since we were still so full from lunch we skipped the customary Wednesday afternoon drink run (while the cleaning crew does their thing) and went for a walk instead. I took my camera along and got some great shots of the storm damage, buildings and my co-worker. Then back to the office for an hour before work was done.

After work I picked up my free movie from the store (Land of the Lost in case you were wondering) plus three movies I wanted to see.  Skipped the afternoon coffee (may sub with an evening coffee) and came home.  Grabbed the camera for even more shooting, the aforementioned walk through project.  I’m still eh on the garage and living room. And the kitchen is overrun with ants. So I may need to do more later.

I did get some before shots of my backyard and if I can get the landscaping guy to return my call I’ll have after shots before long! (Instant Update: I called and threatened, he called and apologized. Work to begin Friday!)

Took more pictures, about 200 more. And that filled 1/16th of my memory card. Oh how far we’ve come from $100 256 MB cards!

Went out and was severely disappointed with the sunset. Lame sunset. Then I got some produce at the co-op and Chinese food for dinner. Mainly because I have nothing edible in my fridge. Lots to drink though! Home, ate dinner, got that afternoon coffee, lamented lack of cake and candles.

I’m nearly packed for Vegas, downloading today’s photos, sorely disappointed with Land of the Lost and incredibly blessed to have such great friends and good family.

‘Til next year’s near nervous breakdown!

Now, I must empty Mr. Piggy Bank and head off to the wonderful world of Las Vegas!

Blue Pig
Blue Pig

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