Birthday Plans

Typically I hate my birthday. Through a series of unfortunate events in my childhood I learned that there was a) nothing special to celebrate and b) bad things happened on my birthday.  I wrote about it last year here.

This year is more complicated.  My birthday falls in the middle of the week so it’s a lot harder to skip town and hide out.  And the day after B-Day I leave for a weekend trip in Vegas with some wonderful ladies.  Last year I bought myself cake I didn’t eat and cried. Fun times. Combine the stress of losing Grandma, the typically sucky non-gifts from my parents, no friends nearby, and the fact the dogs are even gone and I’m likely to be an unholy mess.

Just warnin’ ya.

So I’ve come up with a project for myself to keep my mind off of it. (“It” being my 25th birthday, in case you’re a little confused).  I know, you’re shocked I have a project. I plan on somewhat obsessively cleaning and organizing my house in the next 48 hours. Then, after work on my birthday I am going to get a coffee and go to the park. Swing on the swing set. Come home and photograph the house in its entirety.

From the mailbox to the dirt backyard, the unfinished paint projects, dirty laundry piles, ants in the garage, furniture I’ve purchased, books I’ve collected and pictures I’ve framed.  I want it all, ALL, captured on film.

Maybe to keep myself occupied because if I drink myself into a stupor I might miss work on Thursday, but also to remind myself how far I’ve come. What I’ve accomplished. That while I want people to share it all with I can do things on my own as well.

That and I can use the photographs as an insurance record in case the house goes up in flames or is hit by a freak tornado.

I was born in Kansas. I dream about these things.

2 thoughts on “Birthday Plans

  1. Hey, I think that’s a good plan. I clicked to your last birthday blog and a) was jealous of how many comments you managed to get (*wink*) and b) am glad that your birthday this year will be (I predict) a little sweeter. Even if you don’t get to see me table dance. I know, I know, one birthday treat at a time 😉 I do think you should celebrate how powerful you are as you turn 25, because you are indeed – you are accomplishing things that people in my advanced age aren’t doing yet, so you should be very proud. Work it, own it, and know that the rest of us are celebrating the special day that brought you into existence, because we are so glad that you are here to inspire us, to teach us, and to make us laugh 🙂 Happy Birthday!

  2. I dream about tornadoes all the time, too. And I grew up in western Massachusetts… don’t really get many there. Although one did go right down the middle of my aunt’s street about 30 years ago, ripping out most of the trees but not touching the houses. In any event, I hope this year’s birthday was better, and I know you had a great time in Vegas. Enjoy your 25th (well, technically 26th) year. It has been an amazing one for me, I hope it treats you well, too.

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