Garage Storage

I’m preparing the house for a walk through, step-by-step, photo session (instead of the usual clean one room, photograph, clean another room next week) and I decided to start in the garage where my Dad recently installed new shelving.

I think this was a birthday present but I’m not entirely sure. Either way they’re sturdy and I love them.


Storage for dog treats, paint supplies, Christmas decorations, Dad’s beer, heaters & tools? Awesome. To the left you’ll see my green Christmas storage and the white bins hold recycling.  Here’s another close up pic:

More Storage
More Storage

I’ve got my bike and exercise equipment, extra dog food and a makeshift workbench.  The metal frames next to the recycling hold one of those doors and I have an instant work surface for painting or any such work. And just because I’m in a sharing mood here’s the other side of the garage:

garden & paint storage
garden & paint storage

Here I’ve got extension cords, garden tools, cleaning tools, garden fertilizer and pails, paint and car maintenance stuff.  The big box came from my TV. Since I’ve had it 90 days with no problems I guess I can recycle that now. The blankets on the left are covering my $50 Barn Sale couch I found last year. That’s where the dogs sleep.


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