Baseboards: A tutorial

Probably the worst part of painting (for me) is the baseboards. It’s great when you’re replacing old ones and can buy a new design – usually primed already – paint them in the garage, on the driveway or another convenient surface.

I would prefer painting baseboards on the surface of the sun rather than the most uncomfortable and ackward position ever: on your knees leaning forward with one hand for balance and the other one to smear paint mere millimeters from carpet and freshly painted wall.

I hate baseboards.

But I hate them more when they’re off white and scuffed. The Mr. Clean Magic Eraser is your best friend for scuffs. For the color it’s Ultra White Premium paint.

Here is the official My Friend Kelly guide to painting baseboards in five easy steps. Emphasis on easy.

Step 1: locate baseboard

That was Easy!
That was Easy!

Step 2: cover adjacent wall with painters tape

That was Sticky
That was Sticky

Step 3: locate plastic

That was crinkly
That was crinkly

Step 4: cover carpet – use spactula

That was Fun!
That was Fun!

Step 5: paint

That was Simple!
That was Simple!

I know the pictures are a bit blurry but it’s rather easy to use the spatula to edge the plastic between your baseboards and carpet. It’s a little tight in the corner so don’t try to force it. The plastic lets you run the brush along the bottom without worry and the painter’s tape does the same along the top. Once it dries pull off the tape and plastic carefully and discard.


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