Dear Bank of America,

Thank you. No, really thank you for reminding me exactly why you are not my bank of choice today. See it would have been easy for your teller to inform me I was in the wrong line before I stood there, exhausted and ready to go home, for five minutes.  And it would have been courteous, polite even, to assist me in the Merchant Teller Line since you were in fact a Merchant Teller instead of telling me the Merchant Teller Line ended at 4pm and as it was now 4:35 pm I would need to go to the other side of the bank and stand in a line that formed while I waited.  Imagine my waffling if in fact you’d taken down the Merchant Teller sign that designated you as such at 4pm instead of letting me stand in a non-line wasting time only to be sent to another line to complete a two minute transaction.

Thank you, Bank of America, I would hate to wonder in the months to come if I’d made the right decision in leaving your bank behind.


Extremely happy ex-BofA customer


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