Day 98 Update

If you’ve been tracking my progress on the master list for the past 3 months you’d know that I was this close to giving up.  A pain setback, job loss, job gain, stress overload and sleep deprivation have made this a challenging summer!

And yet, in the past 48 hours what can only be described as a flurry of activity. I’ve painted, peeled, moved, made calls, cleaned and not quit.  Whew, thank my stars I planned on finishing this on a holiday weekend!  I’ll post a re-cap later on but here’s what I’ve accomplished in September:

2        Figure square footage of front and back yards      Yard – DONE September 5th

3        Move rocks to garage                                       Yard – DONE September 5th

4        Price sod                                                                Yard – DONE September 6th

5        Trim dead branches on trees                        Yard – DONE September 5th

32      Paint the baseboards                                        Living Room – DONE September 6th

35      Get quotes for replacing frame                           Living Room – DONE September 5th

37      Paint front door trim                                         Living Room – DONE September 5th

59      Paint door trim in hallway                                  Hallway – DONE September 5th

60      Replace hallway light bulbs                                Hallway – DONE September 5th

63      Paint baseboards in hallway                               Hallway – DONE September 5th

74      Donate old clothes to Goodwill                      Master bedroom – DONE September 5th

77      Take nicer clothes to consignment                     Master bedroom – DONE September 5th

82      Peel off fish trim                                                            Bathroom #2 – DONE September 6th

86      Mop the bathroom floor                                    Bathroom #2 – DONE September 5th

93      Scan family photos and organize                         Online/Other – DONE September 6th

I do have just one more item to finish, hopefully tonight:

100     Take a SPA day!                                             BONUS

Do check out the original post as I’ve added before and after pictures.


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