List Update

Well it’s T-minus 13 days to finish the list and I have 17 more things to do.  And I start a new job, including 2 days out of town training, today. Gulp. Might I note that 4 of the 17 items are painting projects that have been ongoing for weeks. Double Gulp.

I figure I can take a longer lunch sometime soon and finish 77 & 74 once those clothes are ironed (note to self: iron clothes).  I have started peeling the fish trim (#82) but it’s going to take a few hours on the step stool to get all that glue off.

The price quotes for sod and the window frame can be done, maybe next weekend, by calling around town. If I get those numbers together I can call on my lunch break this week.

A few of the items were going to be done last weekend but my Dad had to put in overtime at work. I don’t know if I am willing to trim the tree branches and go in the attic to replace the hallway lights without backup.

Finally, the only item I can say for sure will not be completed is scanning all these family photos. Especially since Mom dropped off another few hundred on Friday.  I will count that a success if I can hook up the scanner and reinstall the software.

Left to complete:

2        Figure square footage of front and back yards      Yard

3        Move rocks to garage                                       Yard

4        Price sod                                                                Yard

5        Trim dead branches on trees                        Yard

32      Paint the baseboards                                        Living Room

35      Get quotes for replacing frame                           Living Room

37      Paint front door trim                                         Living Room

59      Paint door trim in hallway                                  Hallway

60      Replace hallway light bulbs                                Hallway

63      Paint baseboards in hallway                               Hallway

74      Donate old clothes to Goodwill                           Master bedroom

77      Take nicer clothes to consignment                     Master bedroom

82      Peel off fish trim                                                 Bathroom #2

86      Mop the bathroom floor                                    Bathroom #2

87      Price replacement light fixture                            Bathroom #2

93      Scan family photos and organize                         Online/Other

100     Take a SPA day!                                             BONUS

And I really want to do that last one…. see I have the goodies all ready:

spa day prep
spa day prep

One thought on “List Update

  1. Is that a roll of toilet paper in your spa day kit? Man I can’t wait for the weekend, I want to see how much more you get done! How totally effed up is that, that I am this excited about YOUR to-do list? 😉

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