the Fairest of them ALL

I love summer. And with summer comes watermelon, lemonade, corn on the cob, sunflowers and the Fair.  Kicking off Fair Week begins at home with my county fair. It’s teeny, it’s tiny, but oh how much fun!

I always begin with a cruise through the outbuildings to check out what people more talented than I have baked, brewed, sewn and knit for this year’s entry. Usually the food entries don’t bother me. By the time they’ve been baked, tested, awarded and put on display the cookies look stale, the cake is dry and the pie is oozing. No biggie.

But then I get to the craft booths and see the quilts. The pillows. The blankets.  Wow. These people are talented! I would say give ’em a reality show but I’m pretty sure watching people knit is not exactly prime time television viewing.

Note: I have no pictures because these people already make me feel inadequate. No need to have photographic proof.

Next up on the list is the very boring hall of businesses I will probably never use. Various independent jewelers. Water delivery service. Window tinting. Parks and Recreation Services. People selling beanie babies. Expensive kitchen doo-dads. People selling fudge.

Oh, wait a red hot second.

Yes, the fair is prime pickin’ for foodies.  This one had the typical fudge, candy, peanut brittle, cotton candy and cinnamon roll fare.  You know, all the stuff that made my blood sugar dip even lower at the thought.  Then there’s the good stuff. Corn roasted over an open flame, corn dogs, barbecue anything, hot dogs, burgers, fries.  Then there’s the less impressive egg roll on a stick, $12 chinese combo plate, sausage with more grease and fat than we care to admit and fried onions, twinkies, etc.

I finally settled with a cold lemonade and bbq chicken sandwich.  Yum.

Now that I was fortified by food it was time to enter the gauntlet. The row of people in their little booths paid to scream and taunt passersby with offers to knock over milk jugs, shoot streams of water into a clown’s mouth and win goldfish, stuffed animals and your pride back.

I survived the gauntlet unscathed.

Then it was the fun part: 4-H kids.  The ones sitting next to their pigs in perfect white jeans applying eye liner are my favorite. I wanted to stage whisper you’re at a fair… with a pig. No one is looking at your eyes! One girl, no lie, was straightening her hair.

Here are the only pictures I took, of the animals:

I call this one stripey
I call this one stripey
this guy was especially friendly
this guy was especially friendly
wilbur... you've really let yourself go...
wilbur... you've really let yourself go...
Meet Billy
Meet Billy
th brown one is Bob, the black and white one I call Angelina
th brown one is Bob, the black and white one I call Angelina

Because I was on the phone and had time to make up stories about cows in my head. That’s all.


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