What that? 100 posts?!

Woah, 100 posts snuck up on me quick! Especially since I usually post just a few times per week and am prone to dry spells, this is fun for me to reach such a milestone.  I’m taking a page from K.E. who once sent me a “100 things about ME” list that I loved. Don’t bother looking for rhyme or reason, there is none.

1. The last fiction book I read was the Life of Pi

2. The Life of Pi has nothing to do with math

3. The last non-fiction book I read was On Writing by Stephen King

4. It’s also the only King book I’ve read

5. I have a compulsion to write every day

6. Even if it’s just a grocery list

7. Writing is the only activity that can make me laugh or cry in the span of 10 minutes

8. I was bald for the first two years of my life

meet the cue ball
meet the cue ball

9. My mom would glue bows to my scalp or cover me with towels

useful things, dish towels
useful things, dish towels

10. I own more journals than any human should

11. My eyes change color

12. The furthest I’ve driven is 3,000 miles from California to Virginia

13. I’ve done that drive 3 times

14. Once in a snowstorm

15. I have lived in 3 states

16. I have traveled to 34 states

17. 35 if you count D.C. (which I don’t)

18. I cannot, however, remember all 50 states without Wikipedia

19. Sorry Maryland and Nevada, you didn’t leave an impression…

20. I used to be GREAT at geography

21. I have been out of school for 3 years

22. My brain is mush

23. I don’t miss homework (or tests)

24. Every time I got a call at work from the FBI I get nervous

25. They usually needed service work

26. A friend from college went into secret service training

27. She kicks ass

28. I love taking pictures

sunset in July
sunset in July

29. But I’m not very good yet

30. I hate it when my subjects don’t sit still

31. These are my favorite subjects

da boys
da boys

32. Because their tongues are long


33. And they’re nosey


34. Popcorn is amazing

35. Raspberry liquor is the nector of life

36. My favorite hard liqueur is gin, extra dry

37. But tequila is a close second

38. Eeyore is dying

the end is near
the end is near

39. My roses are thriving!

white rose
white rose

40. The shrooms are thriving too

damn fungus
damn fungus

42. I enjoy puzzles that are a challenge

43. This one took me 4 years and it’s in a foreign language

my favorite puzzle
my favorite puzzle

44. Sudoku is incredibly addictive

45. And makes me dream about numbers

46. I used to dream about debate tournaments

47. My best tournament my team was undefeated and I was the top speaker

48. That didn’t happen often

49. I love beautiful places like Annapolis


50. And homes like Hearst Castle

the Castle
the Castle

51. Next year I hope to travel to Europe

52. Where I’ll find more places to love

53. That reminds me I need to rent Eurotrip

54. Boondock Saints is one of my favorite movies

55. Especially hilarious when the cat gets shot

56. I’m not a fan of cats

57. My grandma loved dogs

58. I’ve always loved dogs

that's Roxie
that's Roxie

59. And they’ve always loved me

60. Except the one that bit me in the face

61. I have thousands of scanned photos

62. And plenty of scrapbooks

63. But a short attention span

64. Digital frames are awesome

65. Mine was 74% off

66. Pioneer Woman is most inspiring

67. Mommy Wants Vodka makes me laugh loudly

68. Cake Wrecks has been a favorite before it became BIG

69. This is my favorite wreck

good policy, bad on cake
good policy, bad on cake

70. And my favorite non-wreck (and favorite cupcake)

fun, quirky, beautiful
fun, quirky, beautiful

71. The annihilator from Dutch Bros acts like a lightening bolt to my adrenaline level

72. I wish I could bake like this woman

73. She makes the best food porn

cake *drools*
cake *drools*

74. Remember, if the world didn’t suck we’d all fall off

75. Sometimes the world really, really sucks

76. For all the quotes on adversity, it does still suck

77. These are a few of my favorite women

awesome women
awesome women

78. I have an unnatural affinity for post-it notes

79. Especially the bright ones

80. When I get married I might register at Staples

81. A friend of mine registered for Shrek on DVD

82. He was serious

83. Someday I want to own a convertible

84. And take a long road trip

85. And collect a LOT of postcards

86. I once slept on a mini trampoline

87. I used to bounce on a trampoline with a sprinkler under it

88. Sometimes I wonder how I survived to adulthood

89. My favorite color is green

90. My favorite word is onamonapia

91. My favorite paladome is ‘Dr. Ackward’

92. Can you tell I’m running out of thoughts?

93. I’ve had some seriously bad hair days


94. I wish I was this small again

playground pic
playground pic

95. When I was that small there were so few things to worry about!

96. But worrying accomplishes nothing so I’m going to get busy.

97. Leave me a message today, please?

98. I want to thank both of my readers

99. I’m thinking of my 101st post

100. I love writing this blog!


3 thoughts on “What that? 100 posts?!

  1. A few thoughts!

    1. Popcorn IS amazing
    2. You say Nevada and Maryland didn’t leave an impression, but discuss how awesome Annapolis is!
    3. My old boss was an extra in Boondock Saints.
    4. I love Eurotrip. And Europe. Many places to love there!
    5. I am addicted to post-its!
    6. I’m up for road trips. And postcards.
    7. LOL at thanking both of your readers. I think you have more than that!

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