plans + wrench = me

I have got to hand it to the universe: whenever I’m skipping along, perfectly content, and makin’ plans I get knocked upside the head.  There I was, excited about the circus, planning a trip to Europe with my best friend, getting quotes for a lawn, going to work like I do every day and then… wrench.

Specifically, layoffs.  Major layoffs for the company. Including me.

I didn’t exactly transcend the layers of grief on this one, mostly I’m frustrated.  With most businesses and people, in fact.

It sounds self serving and prideful but I am an incredibly hard worker.  Not just when it comes to my personal projects but I show up every damn day ready to play.  I’m at my desk by my start time, focus on the tasks, take the initiative and work.

If you’ve read my other posts about acting you’ll understand that it’s not exactly a rough work environment. Co-workers who make more progress on Farmville than invoices are still employed.

So yeah, I’m frustrated.

Thanks to my unique blend of OCD, Type A, uber focused persona this was my first day and a half of unemployment:

  • registered with Temp Agency #1, completed two online tests, set schedule for 2 more in person tests, emailed my resume, set up online account and direct deposit
  • contacted former employer with resume asked for a positive reference and for any job leads
  • emailed co-worker at newspaper and emailed with her boyfriend who passed my resume on at his company for an open position
  • registered with Temp Agency #2, set up in person interview, emailed resume, discussed opportunities
  • left message for Temp Agency #3, will follow-up Friday
  • emailed friend about job proctoring tests in the Fall
  • started new blog with online portfolio of published writing
  • emailed freelance opportunity #1 with link to blog and reminder that I am an awesome writer
  • emailed friend with state job for lunch and to ask questions about testing and requirements
  • emailed blogger about the feature he is running on my story
  • called business associate about project and discussed my availability
  • called local school about coaching opportunity

Then, just because I had some extra time:

  • cleaned up my office and pulled out all the back-to-school supplies I have on hand. Considered coloring.
  • made a yummy cherry and peach cobbler
  • took plastic bags in for recycling
  • had a screw removed from my tire and got it patched (free)
  • returned a movie and DVD set to Costco
  • called my car insurance to update weekly miles driven and change my policy

Whew. Tired. Here, look at the yummy cobbler:


3 thoughts on “plans + wrench = me

  1. I love that you only considered coloring 😉 Man, most people aren’t as efficient at their real jobs as you are during your first day of unemployment. And not just actresses, either! 😛

  2. Yay, colouring! Do you suppose the actress even noticed she’d been given her marching orders, or did she sit in the same spot doing her nails? 😛

    I keep meaning to drop you an email but losing your address. Give me a shout if you like, it’s cat (underscore) tygrr (at) hotmail (dot) com.

  3. Having lived with and heard about the usual gambits of the permanently unemployed (in case I’m being too subtle: DAVE) I must say that I am left breathless by your industriousness.

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