Whew Sunday

After a slow start this morning I was off to do my errands.  In just under 2 1/2 hours I:

*returned movies I’d borrowed

*pick up veggies at the co-op

*put gas in the car

*got a month’s worth of food at Costco (plus dog food and some entertainment items)

*picked up paint for the office and guest room

*returned movies to the store

I use several strategies to make this outing easier.  First, I use a list and have a general idea what I want to buy at each store. Most of my vegetables come from the co-op because they’re local, organically grown and fresher. (I’m not obsessive about organic products but I find they’re usually cheaper to grow and thus produce more income for the farmer and if I’m eating the skin I don’t trust most pesticides).  Second, I plan my route so I don’t have frozen foods defrosting in my car nor do I criss cross town three times.  To save gas I start at the furthest location, in this case the co-op and work my way back.  With one exception this works perfectly.  Since it takes 10 minutes for the paint department to mix and shake my paint cans I go there before Costco so I don’t have to worry about food in the car.  Third, I know the volume of items I’ll be getting and carry along canvas bags.  Less to put away at home and easier to carry things inside.  Fourth, I’m on the lookout for deals. Gas around town is close to $2.99 a gallon, $3.05 at some locations.  Costco gas is $2.85 so I fill up there.  I wasn’t planning on buying anything but food at Costco but the last season of a TV show I collect is on sale for $20, a book from a series I’m reading is only $10 and a favorite movie is on sale for $5.

Now I’m home with a dozen tamales in the freezer for easy grab and go lunches, tomatoes, peppers and onions for salsa, a salmon fillet for the grill, zucchini and squash and mushrooms for kabobs on the grill, corn on the cob, orange chicken for Chinese food night, chicken alfredo pasta, six baskets of raspberries for liquor, fresh cherries and vegetable chips for snacking.

The dogs have kibble.  I think I win…


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