99 bottles of beer…

… in my fridge! Well, not quite that many but I do keep some on stock for the necessary bribing that must occur for me to complete this dang list.  Like for my cousin who helped me haul baseboards, my uncle who programmed the A/C unit and of course my Dad who installed baseboards, found me some nifty tools and re-textured a wall in the hallway this weekend.

Due to the help of family (and beer) here’s what’s been accomplished since my last update:

39      Price replacement shower head and faucets    Bathroom #1 – Done July ?
57      Finish filling picture frames                Hallway – DONE August 1st
62      Program A/C unit                             Hallway – DONE July 28th
68      Choose a paint color                         Guest Room – DONE July 27th
85      Clean the wood cabinets and doors            Bathroom #2 – DONE July ?
88      Price replacement shower heads and faucets   Bathroom #2 – DONE July ?
90      Catalog books I own                          Online/Other – DONE August 2nd

That leaves me with just a few more items to finish by Labor Day. Namely:

2        Figure square footage of front and back yards  Yard
3        Move rocks to garage                           Yard
4        Price sod                                      Yard
5        Trim dead branches on trees                    Yard
7        Plan backyard hardscapes                       Yard
20      Organize kitchen cabinets                       Kitchen
28      Touch up brown paint on walls                   Living Room
31      Measure the couch for a custom slipcover        Living Room
32      Paint the baseboards                            Living Room
34      Get color samples of the paint and carpet       Living Room
35      Get quotes for replacing frame                  Living Room
37      Paint front door trim                           Living Room
38      Price replacement light fixtures                Bathroom #1
43      Mop the bathroom floor and clean up paint       Bathroom #1
44      Paint baseboards                                Bathroom #1
59      Paint door trim in hallway                      Hallway
60      Replace hallway light bulbs                     Hallway
63      Paint baseboards in hallway                     Hallway
64      Sort and organize linens by size                Guest Room
69      Take down and wash mini blinds                  Guest Room
74      Donate old clothes to Goodwill                  Master bedroom
77      Take nicer clothes to consignment               Master bedroom
82      Peel off fish trim                              Bathroom #2
86      Mop the bathroom floor                          Bathroom #2
87      Price replacement light fixture                 Bathroom #2
93      Scan family photos and organize                 Online/Other
99      Organize work files and archive                 Online/Other
100     Take a SPA day!                                 BONUS

Gotta get workin’!!!

Oh look, I suddenly got productive!

1        Distribute soil in back flower beds            Yard – DONE August 3rd

36      Have cable company out to fix tvs               Living Room – DONE August 3rd

*no need for a cable guy; 15 minutes on the phone and it was fixed!!

49      Prime and paint door frame for closet           Office

office closet
office closet

an hour later:

with paint!
with paint!

96      Update movie database with films I’ve watched   Online/Other – DONE August 3rd

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