MSN’s loss…

… is your gain!

Let me explain.

Occasionally (read: often) when I write a post on MSN I’ll hit “post” and nothing will happen. The computer will erase all my words and my brain is already whirled on to another of the six open windows I have going on.

Then I get mad because all the wonderful things I wrote are gone! Granted this never happens when I’m screaming at someone for being an idiot – those posts will never get deleted.

So instead of going back to find the thread and recollect my thoughts I wanted to share something here. Because you are my people and a captive audience! (especially the captives in the basement!)

The question was how do you stay focused on debt payoff?

While many of the answers dealt with mind tricks and bank strategies I took a different approach.

My answer was focus on the things that make you happy and don’t cost money.

The best example I can give is a digital camera. Now, almost everyone I know who is in debt has a digital camera or three lying around the house. Pick it up, add some rechargeable batteries and a memory card and get thee out of the house.

*out of the house means no catalogs begging to be opened, snacks to be snacked upon or commercials to taunt you*

Take a walk, a drive, a jog, hell, pogo stick to the park. Whatever. Wherever. Go until you find something beautiful. Something breathtaking. Maybe it’s a summer sunset after a shower:


I did not pay for the sunset, ask for the rain or charge a memory, I just wondered upon it.

As you’re out walking, unless you have extreme allergies, take time to stop and smell flowers. Compliment a gardener on their work, look closely at the petals and be careful not to suck a honeybee into your nose.


Do you like unique architecture and dream of owning a home?  Then take some pictures of inspiring houses you see.  This is one of my favorites from my town:


This exercise is not about getting the perfect shot or catching your neighbor and selling them the prints via blackmail. It’s not even about utilizing a camera you already own or spending time not worrying about money.

This is all about seeking and finding things that are beautiful and appreciating what you find.

When your focus is not on what you own, how new it is, what the guy across the street bought, what’s on sale, how many hours until payday and just how long until I’m out of debt? then you can find yourself relaxing a bit and enjoying the journey. You can certainly be Dave Ramsey’s gazelle and have that focus and drive to become and stay debt free. But if you ignore the scenery around you someday you might find yourself running ahead of the pack alone, debt free and miserable.

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