Life is a Highway

Specifically, a long drive in a single car down a narrow country road in the dark that doesn’t end until (pardon the pun) you hit a dead end.
Tonight on my drive I found myself contemplating the headlights, the way they cut through the darkness and provide illumination.

Yes, I ponder weird things when I drive.

While headlights give us some sense of where we’re going or what’s ahead they’re not much help when a deer bolts into the roadway and certainly can’t foretell an earthquake.

In my life, both financial and otherwise, I have lights to illuminate the darkness, to provide a hint of where I’m going. But most of the road before me is shrouded in darkness.

I passed a police car with obnoxious lights flashing in the night and thought about signs.

There are lots of signs, even on a country road. There are speed limits signs and caution signs, hospital ahead signs and beware of killer rock avalanche signs. Sometimes we take in that knowledge but don’t really care, other times ignore it completely. Of course following the rules and slowing to 20 freakin’ miles per hour for a turn doesn’t guarantee you’ll never have an accident.

Finally, I thought about my car. Trusty and dusty, it gets good gas mileage and the heater works well. I thought about driving this night in a 1970 red Cadillac convertible with the top down. Someday maybe. In our lives we get one vehicle to see us through, one body. And though we might upgrade some parts, buff out the unslightly areas and hopefully bathe it often, we’re still left with just one body for all those miles. It’s okay to punch up the dial to 90 mph sometimes, to idle at a stop sign wondering which way to go. But like every machine we should focus on steady progress, regular maintenance and driving Miss Daisy as if there’s no trade in option.


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