99 days – work in progress

A few more things accomplished this week. After getting a lot of the little tasks out of the way in June it was time to finish a few of the more complicated items.

I didn’t have a mop…. so I found one I liked at a good price and ta da!

27      Mop kitchen floor                                            Kitchen – DONE July 10th

Paint prep is brutal. Lots of cleaning, taping, throwing up plastic on the walls and drop cloths on the floors. It took 3 coats but I finally finished:

52      Paint closet header white                                  Office – DONE July 10th

53      Paint door trim                                               Office – DONE July 10th

That makes a grand total of 59 items completed on the list! Now that I’m at nearly 60% complete with this list it’s time to hit the harder items that involve a larger time commitment.  Such as…

Today we tested the sprinkler system in the backyard and I cleaned out more of the dead grass and branches. My goal this week is to complete:

7        Plan backyard hardscapes                                 Yard

And I’m slowly narrowing down my favorite pictures and scanning them so I can check off:

57      Finish filling picture frames                                 Hallway

My uncle is back in town and was kind enough to give me an interview for a newspaper article I wrote on A/C maintenance. He will hopefully be helping me with

62      Program A/C unit                                                    Hallway

A little more prep work this week; I printed out my rental history at the video store, I’m moving books from the shelves so I can paint in the office and cataloging as I go and I am nearly done transferring photos (4GB already done!).  By next weekend I should have finished:

90      Catalog books I own                                         Online/Other

96      Update movie database with films I’ve watched    Online/Other

98      Organize my photos and backup on USB drives      Online/Other

Of course I bought 3 new books today so it’s a work in progress – just like me!

I purposely excluded items that have to be done and redone like dishes, laundry and vacuuming. Right now I’d love to mop the bathrooms, wash the mini blinds and finish up some painting but my parents are sleeping. Sigh. I guess tomorrow is soon enough!


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