Frugal Memories

My grandma worked as a cook and then manager of the local school district kitchens up until she retired.  As such she was able to take the summers off to spend with her family and got many items very cheap or at cost.  When she moved to Assisted Living we found a nearly full box of kitchen drying towels and the dozen or so I kept are still in use.  She also had a two foot long rolling pin that doubled as a weapon!

One of my favorite childhood memories was to come to town to visit Grandma and Grandpa and play in the backyard for hours.  We quickly learned that Grandma’s old chest freezer – which was probably 4 feet long and 2 feet wide – contained an unnatural amount of sweets.  Grandma would buy whole fruit popsicles and stock up for the summer.  Two of us kids could removed the 50 lb crowbar that held the lid shut and enjoy a popsicle in the 100* weather.

If I could find the company that made those popsicles I would sell my internal organs to buy it.

Anywho, since buying my first chest freezer this week I have filled it with the following:

  • Otterpops
  • Fudgesicles
  • Fruit popsicles
  • Sherbet
  • Vanilla Ice Cream

I don’t usually have dessert, per se, but I’m hoping that a blue otterpop on a hot day will let me relive some of those frugal memories.  Not to mention my four young cousins arrive from Texas in two days and the tradition must continue!


If you’ve been following my 99 days list, you know that I’ve already finished two items prior to buying this chest freezer:

10      Price chest freezers                                        Garage – DONE June 3rd

15      Measure space for chest freezer                        Garage – DONE June 1st

Through my research I found I could expect to spend around $250 for a medium sized freezer and up to $450 for a large one.  However, the more I mulled over this decision, it became apparent that as a single woman I don’t need a large or even medium sized freezer.  For now, the smallest size will work just fine.  Here’s my new freezer which was on sale at Target for just $140:

baby freezer
baby freezer

This is one case where planning and contemplating a decision clearly paid off.  Not to mention I was uniquely lucky to have a good friend send me a message about this deal which I would not have found on my own!


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