Walgreens Again

Since June was my designated “nuclear meltdown budget” month I’ve been fortunate enough to stay out of the stores most of the time.  Except Friday, somehow I ended up at Walgreens on Friday.  While I found a few things that I needed and a few things for fun the bulk of my purchases came from the clearance food section.

Generally, I try to keep my ready made meals at or under $1 each serving.  Thus a can of soup should be $1-2 depending on the size (actually most canned goods), a box of pasta mix or macaroni & cheese should be $1 or less for 3-4 servings, etc.  Well I found some great deals:

my purchases
my purchases

Those are packets of sliced almonds for 80 cents that I can use on salads, Twizzlers, spices on sale for 50 cents, dried fruit for $1 and soup for $1.  The only full price item was the red piping icing for some 4th of July cupcakes.  Not pictured is the $2 frozen pizza and the $1 mini brownie brownie thingy.

Now I’m off to Rite Aid and grocery shopping!


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